Program For Advanced Leadership and Management

16th to 27th April, 2017 - Madinah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
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Forum Overview

Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 was adopted as a methodology and roadmap for economic and developmental action in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In its aim to grant the Kingdom a leading position in all fields, Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 sought to identify the general directions, policies, goals, and objectives of the Kingdom. Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 encompasses—in a number of domains—strategic objectives, targets, outcome-oriented indicators, and commitments that are to be achieved by the public, private, and nonprofit sectors.

The vision stipulate clearly that private sector, SME and NGO need to play pivotal role in materializing the vision. The objective of this one-day forum is to shed light on the role that each of these sectors need to play and the potential opportunities.

The mix of speakers allows participants to listen and meet leaders in different domains; such as:

  1. Government officials and policy makers, who will explain the new opportunities vision 2030 offers the private sector, NGO.
  2. The Head of the newly-established National Center for Performance Measurement who will explain how the Kingdom is planning to monitor its progress in achieving the vision.
  3. CEO of a leading private sector company illustrating the role of the private sector in fulfilling their corporate social responsibilities (CSR)
  4. CEOs of charitable and Awqaf organizations who will demonstrate how NGOs can contribute to social and economic development.
  5. Entrepreneurs who demonstrate how technology was adopted to enrich the experience of Hajj and Umrah visitors and create job opportunities (a key pillar in Vision 2030).
  6. Director of Saudi leading Businesswomen Center who will illustrate key factors for empowering the role of female in economic development.
  7. Leading Saudi Thinker who will shed light on how can we instill the core values stipulated in the Vision document, which are critical to its realization.
The Forum is taking place at the last day of the two-week Program for Advanced Leadership and Managment (PALM8). The program is conducted in partnership with Namaaa Almounawarah who sponsored 25 Saudi potential leaders.

Forum Speakers

Geographic Breakdown of Previous Participants


Geographic Breakdown of Previous Participants